Q: How can I get more medication?

You may also call your Pharmacy team during normal business hours at 360-685-5000. If you choose to leave a message, make sure you leave your name, date of birth, and a good call back number. If you are a caregiver, please be sure to leave your name as well as the patients name and date of birth.

Q: How do I fill new prescriptions?

New prescriptions can be sent to the Pharmacy directly from your doctor via electronic prescribing or fax. If your doctor gives you a prescription hard copy, please bring it in to our Pharmacy during normal business hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday.

Q: How do I get more medication if there is a disaster/emergency?

If you have an emergency, please contact Hoagland Pharmacy with your new contact information (phone and address). If there is a local emergency impacting Hoagland Pharmacy, we will utilize our internal emergency preparedness plan to insure an uninterrupted supply of your medication.

Q: How do I check on the status of my prescription?

You may call your Pharmacy team at 360-685-5000.

Q: How do I report concerns or errors?

You can always reach out the pharmacy team directly at 360-685-5000. If you feel that the concern or error in question is of a significant nature, you should call the Pharmacy Manager directly at 360-685-5000. If there is an after-hours emergency, please call our on-call Pharmacist at 360-220-6753.

Q: How do I handle adverse reactions?

Some adverse reactions you may have are expected and some are not. You may have been taught how to administer your injections at your physician’s office or one of our knowledgeable Pharmacists will go over what to expect while on therapy. You will also have an opportunity to discuss possible reactions with a Pharmacist when you receive your first course of therapy. You may also call your Pharmacy Team at 360-685-5000 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. If your reaction is of a critical nature, you should call 911.

Q: How do I dispose of unused medication?

It is against the law for Pharmacies to take back unused medication. Hoagland Pharmacy has a medication disposal kiosk for safe destruction of any unused medication.

Q: How does Hoagland Pharmacy handle medication recalls?

Upon notification of a product recall, Hoagland Pharmacy will reach out to each patient that received the product in question and make necessary arrangements to pick up any product remaining in the home as well as replacing the recalled product. This replacement will be at no charge to the patient.

Q: How do I obtain medications not available at our pharmacy?

We have oral, subcutaneous and intramuscular medications. What we can supply to a patient is based on physicians’ orders, insurance and manufacturer availability. Some patients may have to order their medications from other mail order Pharmacies. Have your doctor/provider fax in the prescription to Hoagland pharmacy and our Pharmacy Team will call you to review your information, and inform you what your next step should be.

Q: How do I transfer a prescription to another pharmacy?

If the need arises to transfer your prescription to another provider, Hoagland Pharmacy will fax all your needed documents. Provide your Pharmacy Team with the Fax number and a contact name/phone number of the new company. Let your team know what medications you want transferred.

Q: Are generic medications safe and effective?

Yes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes sure of it. The FDA puts each generic medicine through a rigorous quality control review process to ensure that generics are as safe and effective as the original brand name medicine. The manufacturing facilities must meet specific standards too. The FDA inspects more than 3,500 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities each year to monitor how the medicines are made, processed, tested, packaged, and labeled.

Q: When do medication substitutions happen?

In the state of WA, therapeutic substitution of the AB rated generic version of a brand name medication is mandatory, unless the prescribing physician specifies that they would like the brand name medication to be dispensed by writing on the prescription, “No Substitution”. AB rated generic medications are therapeutically equivalent to their branded versions. A prior authorization request may be required by the patient’s insurance company for all prescriptions where the prescriber has indicated that he or she would like the brand name version. Hoagland pharmacy will let the patient’s physician know that the prescribed medication requires prior authorization.