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Medication Therapy Management

Health care can often be complex and complicated as numerous medication and treatment choices are available. Medication Therapy Management is a service that provides education, answers to questions, and a thorough review of your current medications.

What is MTM?

  1. Patient education and training
  2. A partnership between pharmacist, the patient and/or caregiver, and other healthcare professionals.
  3. A way to promote proper and safe use of medications
  4. A way optimize therapeutic outcomes (the best result) for each individual

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive review of medications (prescription, non-prescription, and supplements). This would include indication for use, proper dosing, administration, and storage, and possible interactions and duplications.
  • A personal medication record
  • A medication action plan to follow up on findings
  • Communication with physician and/or referral to other services if necessary
  • Documentation and follow-up

Who Would Benefit

  • Anyone with complicated medication regimens
  • Anyone who uses multiple prescribers and/or pharmacies
  • Anyone with memory loss, depression, Alzheimer’s, or mild dementia
  • Anyone with questions or concerns about how to effectively use medications
  • Anyone with a history of non-compliance
  • What are some benefits?
  • Decreasing inappropriate use of medications and adverse events
  • Improving patient and caregiver understanding
  • Improving quality of life
  • Example: instruction on the safe and proper use of an insulin device or inhaler
  • Example: decreasing cost by changing to an equally effective but less expensive medication

If you are interested in this service, please contact Carson Huntoon by email or call the pharmacy.

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