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LTC Delivers Team Work for a Huge Win

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The staff at Hoagland Pharmacy organized a softball game to promote a friendly competition between our retail store and Long Term Care facility and involve our families that also give a lot to Hoagland Pharmacy. Both teams practiced night and day, rain or shine to ensure they were ready to win.

On June 27th, 2010 Hoagland Pharmacy’s staff and families arrived at the Bender fields in Lynden to enjoy Hoagland Pharmacy’s First Inaugural Retail vs. LTC Softball Game. As the day began, cheerful staff from our retail store showed up in colorful tie dye shirts with the Hoagland Pharmacy logo and their names on the back, while the staff at LTC came to battle it out in sporty grey and black t-shirts with war paint on their cheeks. Ready for a head to head competition, both teams took the field for a little practice. The other staff and families cheered in the stands with noise makers as the retail team was first up to bat.

In the first inning, Retail came in the lead with 2 home runs, but LTC was not going down without a fight. For the duration of the 8-inning game, LTC tied it up and made the remainder of the 16 home runs with some jaw dropping slides and great team work. The Long Term care team absorbed a 16-2 win to the Retail store just before the rain clouds started their tyranny.

After LTC’s big win, Hoagland Pharmacy staff and families took cover under the pavilion and had a great potluck feast. When the clouds parted there were games for the kids, including a cake walk, which proved to be quite tasty for all the kids who participated.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and made Hoagland Pharmacy’s First Inaugural Retail vs. LTC Softball Game and Potluck a huge success. Special Thank You to Julius Goldman, Kira Lockman, Kristy Green and Megan Monaghan for helping to organize this special event. Another game is scheduled, August 15th at the Geri Fields near the Civic Field, for a longer 10-inning rematch.

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And They’re Gone Again … But Come by for Some Barlean’s Supplements!

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We are once again out of seasonal flu shots for ages 4 years through adults. It seems to be a cutthroat biz out there when it comes to flu shots this year. If we get another shipment in, we will let you know.

Just a reminder that a representative from Barlean’s Organic Oils will be at the retail store tomorrow (Oct 30th) between noon and 4 to answer any product questions you may have and to hand out samples. In conjunction with that we are offering 15% off all our Barlean’s products until November 16th. This is a great time to think about stocking up on supplements to help keep you healthy through this flu and cold season!

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15% Off Barlean’s Products

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Barleans LogoBarlean’s Organic Oils is a locally owned company based in Ferndale, Washington, and is world-renowned for manufacturing the highest rated flax and fish oils – both of which contain the oh-so-necessary Omega-3 fatty acid which has been found to be sorely lacking from Americans’ diets. Essential Woman SwirlA representative from Barlean’s Organic Oils will be at Hoagland Pharmacy’s retail store located at 2330 Yew Street on 30 October between noon and 4pm to answer any questions you may have about the Barlean’s product line and to give out samples of the product.

To coincide with Barlean’s in-service at the end of the month, we would also like our valued customers to enjoy 15% off all Barlean’s products between 16 October and 16 November. Yowzers, that’s amazing!

Never tried Barlean’s Organic Oils before? No worries. Come on by on the 30th for samples and to talk with their representative, or check out their website for their full product line. Or better yet, download a recipe from Barlean’s recipe page to find out clever ways to incorporate flax  and fish oil into your diet without drinking it straight from the bottle (which just doesn’t not appeal to me personally no matter how good they say it tastes!).

Can’t make it on the 30th? Our staff here at Hoagland Pharmacy would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Barlean’s products. Come on by!

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Diabetes Day

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Diabetes Day, June 12-13, 2009

Diabetes Day, June 12-13, 2009

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Miles for Memories

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Prewalk group photo

"the pre-walk group photo"

A couple weeks ago Claire motivated a group of us from LTC to sign up for the Miles for Memories 10th annual 5k run/walk put on by the Alzheimer Society of WA (see alzsociety.org for more info on Alzheimer’s dementia). Today being the day, I got myself up and ready and headed to meet the group at the store by 8am to carpool to Fairhaven. Arriving 5 minutes “early” I was just in time to see them pulling out without me. You can’t get rid of me that easily! Thankfully, Val came back for me. The actual race didn’t start until 9am, but we wanted to get there in good time to find a spot to park.

As 9am approached walkers, runners, and dogs alike started gathering (or sardine-ing if I could make up a word) on the Village Green. I suppose on the one hand, it’s nice for owners to be able to bring their dogs and get a little exercise, but phew! that green was not big enough for territorial mongering mutts!

Kirsten, Valerie, Claire, Kira, & Aaron

"the young ones - Kirsten, Valerie, Claire, Kira, & Aaron"

Luckily, that start gun soon went off and so did we despite the fact that they tried to organize us into groups: runners first, then runners with dogs, then the walkers bringing up the rear. No matter how good the organizer is or how many times they explain it, crowds never tend to want to be organized. But because of our different paces we soon had ourselves sorted.

The walk took us down the trail, past the Chrysalis, through Boulevard park, where we were turned around at the 2.5k mark and sent back to Fairhaven. The event was in conjunction with the “Dirty Dan Days Seafood Fest,” but as no one was interested in hanging out for that I was home again by 10:30am. I got some exercise, supported a worthy cause, had some laughs and I still had an entire day ahead of me!

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