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Planning a trip? We have exciting news!

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For everyone thinking of traveling internationally this year… Hoagland Pharmacy can now prescribe Malaria pills for you!   This means that we are working with a local Physician and can decide what malaria medication is best for you.  Preliminary information will speed up the process but is not necessary.  Schedule a consulation with our Pharmacists or Nurse today.

Available for both children and adults                                                                                                                                               Interactive Malaria Map

Malaria chemoprphylaxis should be started either 1-2 weeks or 1-2 days prior to entering a Malaria area, depnding on the particular medication.

No malaria pill is 100% effective so you will always want to use personal protective measures during your trip.  If you develop a febrile illncess you should consult with your physician. 

For further information please call:  Ruth at 734-5413 ext 118

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